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Night Time Fun

Immerse yourself in the captivating ambiance of a crackling bonfire, set against the backdrop of soft sand and the soothing symphony of crashing waves. With our beach bonfire rentals, you can indulge in the enchantment of the beach after dusk. Experience the warmth, embrace the tranquility, and create cherished memories in a setting tailor-made for storytelling, laughter, and intimate moments. Let the flickering flames and the coastal melodies ignite your senses and elevate your beachside gatherings to new heights of magic and wonder.

Our Packages

Discover the perfect fire experience tailored to your desires with our diverse range of seven sensational fire packages. At Back Beach Rentals, we understand that each beach gathering is unique, which is why we offer a variety of options to suit every occasion. Prepare to ignite your beach adventure and immerse yourself in the warmth, ambiance, and joy of crackling fires.

Want to add something to one of our packages? No Problem!

Indulge in the freedom of customization with our tailored packages. We understand that every beach adventure is unique, which is why we offer the flexibility to create your ideal experience. During the checkout process, you'll have the opportunity to explore our enticing add-on options, allowing you to personalize your package to perfection. From extra amenities to enhance your comfort to exciting enhancements that elevate your beach getaway, the possibilities are endless. Unleash your creativity and make your beach rental truly your own. Discover the array of enticing add-ons that await you, including...


- Extra Fire Pit

- Extra Hour Added to your rental

- an extra Cooler w/ Ice

- Cornhole boards

- Tables

- Triple Hammock

- Outdoor Couch Pieces

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